Chiropractic in West Palm Beach: Ear Infection and Nutrition is about the natural treatments and preventative recommendations available for Ear infections through chiropractic and nutrition.  Incredibly, almost all children get an ear infection before they are 4 years old. In fact, Otitis media the technical name for a middle ear infection, is the most common diagnosis in children.  Approximately two thirds of all children in the United States are affected by age 2 with otitis media. Furthermore, it is the second most common diagnosis in medicine since adults get it also.


What is Otitis Media?

It is an infection of the space behind your ear drum in your middle ear. With acute otitis media your child or infant (although adults are affected) has a fever.  They will complain of deep ear pain, a pressure sensation, and decreased hearing.  Acute otitis often occurs after serous otitis (effusion in the middle ear) with the eustachian tube (tube that links the nasopharynx/upper throat to the middle ear) involvement. In addition, viral infections and other causes of eustachian tube inflammation can cause blockage or  negative pressure. So middle ear fluid resulting from negative pressure provides a culture medium (adequate liquid environment) for bacteria.

Cause of Acute Otitis Media

Potential risk factors for acute otitis media include: Younger than 2 years old (because the eustachian tube is shorter and angled less), Male gender, time spent at a Day care Center, fall or winter season, exposure to cigarette smoke, genetic factor, prior history of acute otitis media.

In the United States, acute otitis media (infection of middle ear) counts for as much as 30 million patient visits to the primary care doctor annually.  And it may cost as much as $5 billion.  However, the diagnosis of acute otitis media is actually a difficult one. Studies have indicated that 40% of the time, doctors are not sure of their diagnosis. Moreover, there are various criteria, making the diagnosis even more difficult.

Never the less, the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) standard is probably the most utilized.  It states the following:  1) signs of a middle ear effusion (fluid in spaces/between tissues)  2) rapid onset (over 48 hours)  3) plus another sign or signs including otalgia (pulling of the ear by infant)  4) otorrhea (ear drainage) and irritability (in infant or toddler)  5) fever.

One study found if these criteria were used, there would be a reduction in the diagnosis of acute otitis media by over 20%. And the cause in less than 10% of cases, viruses are the single cause.  Also, co-infection with viruses (bacteria and virus) is prevalent. 


What is Serous Otitis Media?

Serous Otitis Media is effusion or a collection of non-infected fluid in the middle ear space.  You will have a feeling of fullness for several weeks, and possible hearing loss or pain.  It is usually associated with a past history of upper respiratory infection, an episode of acute otitis, or barotrauma (injury caused by a change in air pressure).

The cause of serous otitis media is a persistently closed eustachian tube which allows negative pressure to develop in the middle ear.  This then causes discharge of fluid into the middle ear space. It is common in children because of a more horizontal canal. However, it can happen in both adults and children because of infection, allergy, or barotrauma.


What is External Ear Infection/ Otitis Externa?

Otitis Externa or swimmer’s ear can absolutely happen from swimming. This affects the outer ear. You will have ear pain, itching, and discharge. Also, you may have pain by pulling on the ear and discharge.  And your ear canal may have erythema and edema (redness and swelling). It often happens during warm, humid weather.  The cause of otitis externa is due to an infection (bacterial or fungi) of the ear or ear canal.  Is is caused by exposure to infected water.  Additionally, it is caused by scratching or overaggressive use of cotton applicators. Keeping your ear dry is especially important for prevention.


Helpful Supplementation/Lifestyle Recommendations for Ear Infections

Carotenoid Complex (pigments that give red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables their color and are antioxidants) for adults for fighting infection

Cod Liver Oil – for children is great for delivering vitamin A

Colloidal silver– has natural antibiotic properties.  Can be used topically or orally.

Manganese– ear problems have been observed in people with deficiencies

Vitamin C and bioflavonoids– boosts immune system to stop infections

Zinc– speeds immune response

Primrose oil– reduces inflammation

Vitamin B complex– important for healing

Vitamin E– helps immune function

Herbs– Echinacea extract, olive leaf extract, goldenseal extract (all fight infection)

Avoid most common foods that cause allergies:  wheat, dairy, corn, oranges peanut butter, sugar/simple carbohydrates .  Try a three to four day rotation diet to see what foods may be causing symptoms.

If bottle-fed, your baby may be allergic to milk. Breast-fed babies are less likely to have ear infections. Try finding a soy or nondairy alternative baby formula for 1-2 months.

Homeopathy- various remedies

Eardrops– containing garlic, mullein and St Johns wort


Dr. Natalie Meiri
Dr. Natalie Meiri


Chiropractic in West Palm Beach

Firstly, chiropractic Adjustments in West Palm Beach to the neck help the fluid in the ears to drain.  The fluid build up in the ear can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Secondly, if the ear can continue to drain without a buildup of fluid, a subsequent infection maybe avoided. Thirdly, without the fluid retention in the ear, children and adults can build up their own antibodies and recover more quickly. 

There was one study indicating that the limitation of medical intervention and the addition of chiropractic care may decrease the symptoms of ear infection in young children. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) states before yet another round of “maybe-they’ll-work-and-maybe-they-won’t” antibiotics or the drastic step of surgery, more parents are considering chiropractic to help children with chronic ear infections.  Chiropractic is safe and effective.  It’s certainly worth a try before inserting tubes in your child’s ears.

If you or your child is suffering from ear infections or just need more wellness, contact your chiropractor in West Palm Beach.  Call 561-253-8984 to make an appointment or to learn more about West Palm Beach Chiropractic: Ear Infection and Nutrition.



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 *For all the above, please check with your primary care doctor before implementation of  supplement recommendations.