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Are you not performing, moving or sleeping well?  Perhaps you are not functioning at your optimum and something is not quite right?  You may be looking for help.  Whether you start with nutrition or work on your stress first, you may benefit from chiropractic care also.

Chiropractors are Neuromusculoskeletal Specialists

Most associate chiropractic with neck and back pain. And chiropractors are very good at treating neck and back pain.  Additionally, we are very good at treating extremities (arms and legs). However, the most important part of chiropractic is what happens in the brain and nervous system of someone who is adjusted.  Your brain/nervous system controls  your body.   An important principle of chiropractic is the nervous system influences all other systems in the body. Therefore, the nervous system plays a significant role in health and disease. The adjustment affects your full nervous system not just the joint.

After you are adjusted, you will manage your stress better, digest better, sleep better and perform better in many more activities.  You may come in for pain relief and walk out with chiropractic affecting your whole life. Chiropractors work by analyzing how your central nervous system is communicating with your body.  Your brain and body stays in touch with each other by signals being sent up and down your spinal cord (which is part of your central nervous system). 

How Your Jupiter Chiropractic Wellness Doctor Can Help You

At Meiri Chiropractic, we use various techniques to reduce pain, improve function and increase mobility tailored specific to you.  These include adjustment/joint manipulation, soft tissue manipulation, ice/heat, electric muscle stimulation and therapeutic exercise.  We offer excellent, effective chiropractic care for the spine and extremities (arms and legs) for your whole family. 

Dr. Natalie Meiri is a licensed chiropractic physician who has the expertise and mastered her skills (17 years experience). Perhaps you  need treatment for a sports injury such as from equestrian riding, kayaking, or paddle boarding? Or you just want to improve your health and wellness. Call your Jupiter chiropractic wellness doctor serving Jupiter for an appointment  at 561-253-8984.

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Dr. Meiri deeply cares about all of her patients and their well-being!  She is the best!
                        Brooke Van Nice                10/21/20

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