From Dr. Natalie Meiri’s Clinical Pearl Stories:

Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections in Children 

This was a 2 year old patient with an ear infection. To be HIPAA compliant, I will call her Kelly instead of her real name. Her mom believed in natural methods of healing.  Therefore, she had Kelly seeing a chiropractor since she was born.  Kelly’s mom told me Kelly’s chief complaint was her chronic ear infections. Currently, Kelly was on her 3rd course of  antibiotics due to an ear infection prescribed by her pediatrician. Her mother often had to miss work and pick her up from daycare due to her crying and being sick.  Kelly had otalgia (pain in ear) and pulled on her ear.  Additionally, she had irritability and a slight fever at the day care center.


Kelly’s mom finally brought her to see me due to the holidays coming up.  Kelly’s mom wanted to travel on an airplane to see her family, but didn’t think it was possible with Kelly’s ear infection. If at all possible, it’s best to avoid flying when you or your children have an ear infection. These block the Eustachian tubes, placing additional pressure on the eardrum. Whenever there is continual, increased pressure on the eardrum, it can possibly rupture.



Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections in Children: Research and How it Works

Adjustments to the neck help the fluid in the ears to drain.  The fluid build up in the ear can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Chiropractic mobilizes drainage of the ear in children. Furthermore, if the ear can continue to drain without a buildup of fluid,  a subsequent infection maybe avoided. Similarly, without the fluid retention in the ear, children can build up their own antibodies and recover more quickly. 

There was one study indicating that the limitation of medical intervention and the addition of chiropractic care may decrease the symptoms of ear infection in young children. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) states before yet another round of “maybe-they’ll-work-and-maybe-they-won’t” antibiotics or the drastic step of surgery, more parents are considering chiropractic to help children with chronic ear infections.  Chiropractic is safe and effective.  It’s certainly worth a try before inserting tubes in your child’s ears.



Kelly’s Exam and Treatment

Kelly saw her pediatrician the day before coming to see me.  After a consultation and examination, Kelly was treated with the following:

Firstly, Kelly’s treatments consisted of chiropractic manipulation/ adjustments of the cervical (neck) spine and associated regions. Associated regions that were adjusted were her thoracic (mid back) and lumbar (low back) spine to get her in alignment and her nervous system functioning at it’s best. Secondly, soft tissue therapy (pressure point) was performed on some of her acupressure points for better lymphatic drainage. Thirdly, diet/nutritional changes and a smoke free environment were recommended. Finally, homeopathic medicines were prescribed to help reduce her healing time.

Kelly’s ear infection remarkably improved after 2 visits and she was able to go on her trip on an airplane. Kelly’s mom stated she had no fever, no signs of ear pain, and was totally asymptomatic.  Kelly’s pediatrician  judged the child to be improved.  She said she even discontinued the third antibiotic.  Kelly came in 9 more times for this condition and then a few more times for maintenance care.

If your child is suffering from ear infections or just needs more wellness, contact Meiri Chiropractic. Dr. Natalie Meiri would be happy to explain Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections in Children and the methods of treatment for various ailments in a child.


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