The fact is Chiropractors receive training to adjust all people, from babies to the elderly. Many children have benefited from chiropractic care, including babies. And many parents have proclaimed success in treating colic or in getting their babies to sleep better after getting them chiropractic care.

So medical care is great for saving our lives, but doesn’t do a lot for everyday quality-of-life issues that plague us. Similarly, there’s a lot more anxiety and stress in kids’ lives today. Chiropractic adjustments are great and powerful. Moreover, along with adequate nutrition, sleep and physical activity, adjustments can be life changing for children. For parents who are looking for answers besides putting their kids on more drugs, Chiropractic is a great solution. Read below about What Is Pediatric Chiropractic and How Can It Benefit My Kids?

Sports Injuries

Even bumps and bruises can be the symptoms of trauma that can cause other serious health problems. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that children experience up to 1,500 spinal-related injuries before the age of five. However, if a child regularly sees a chiropractor, the adverse effects of these traumas may be minimized or corrected. So chiropractic is for children who play sports or engage in other activities where injuries occur. In conclusion, chiropractic can be used as a tool for both prevention and recovery.

Chronic Ear Infections

One of the most common reasons to visit the chiropractor for children is a chronic ear infection (otitis media). There is currently no evidence to support or refute using chiropractic manipulative therapy for Otitis media and no evidence to suggest that adjustments produce serious adverse effects for children with OM.

How might chiropractic care improve chronic ear infections? Fluid trapped in the middle ear cavity creates a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Medically, you’d use an antibiotic to kill the bacteria, but that doesn’t do anything about the fluid buildup.  If the muscles surrounding the Eustachian tubes are spasming, that can close down the tube’s opening and not allow the fluid to drain. The chiropractor’s goal is to stop those muscles from spasming.  Of course, you may want to consult with your child’s pediatrician before making the decision to begin adjustments, especially if the child is below 5 years of age. 


Quality of Life

Chiropractic care can be an effective preventative technique to help limit the chance of spinal issues in adulthood. It is  known to decrease stress and anxiety.  Similarly, to increase energy. Furthermore, it may even prevent ADHD and similar neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Chiropractic has the potential to have an effect on childhood developmental disorders and syndromes.  For instance, like cerebral palsy, ADHD, autism, post-stroke, Down syndrome and so on. While chiropractic can not legitimately claim to “cure” a child with such conditions, chiropractic may make some changes that allow them to lead a more comfortable life. Chiropractic can improve their quality of life.  This is done by  allowing their nervous system to work the best it can through adjustments. In conclusion, their body can reach its fullest potential. 


Safety of Chiropractic for Kids

The American Chiropractic Association cites a study done in 2014 confirming that chiropractic adjustments are overwhelmingly safe in infants and children.

In 2009, a survey found that there were about 68 million pediatric visits to chiropractors. The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ most recent practice analysis, issued in 2010, found that about 17 percent of chiropractic patients were under age 18 — approximately 7.7 percent aged five years or younger and some 9.4 percent between ages six and 17.

There’s another strong indicator of the safety of chiropractic for all ages: insurance rates. Chiropractors have the lowest malpractice rates of all primary health care providers in the country, and those rates are based on risk. Actuaries aren’t going to give chiropractors lower rates without good reason.

Dr. Natalie Meiri

Children have the same joints that adults do, but not fully formed yet.  They are still developing and adjustments get the spine back in alignment to keep the body balanced and to prevent further problems. Also, Kids joints are still more cartilaginous than truly bony, so the adjustments have to be a little bit faster but with less force. This is due to the increased flexibility within the joint and the smaller surface area targeted. 

Dr. Natalie Meiri delivers fast adjustments that are low intensity (low force) and low amplitude (low displacement).  She also has helped babies and kids utilizing soft tissue techniques, cranial sacral therapy, and homeopathy. She has treated babies with ear infections, kids with ADHD, autism, scoliosis, sports injuries and various growing problems.  Contact her at 561-253-8984 for further information on What Is Pediatric Chiropractic and How Can It Benefit My Kids? or to make an appointment.


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