If you have neck pain due to your cervical facet joints, chiropractic care can help you! We’ve got some great information to share below.

What is a cervical facet joint?

The facet joints are on either side of the back of each vertebra in the cervical part of the spine (neck). The vertebral bodies make up the bony building blocks of the spinal column. There are two facet joints at each level of the vertebral column (spinal column). Facet joints provide stability to the spinal column while allowing movement. Encased with capsules the synovial fluid within protects and lubricates the facet joints.

Symptoms of a Facet Joint(s) /Referral Pain

You will often report a minor (e.g., sudden turning of the head) to moderate to severe (e.g. fall) traumatic onset of neck and arm pain. In addition, your neck pain may have an onset that is insidious (came on gradually) with no recent trauma. You may have pain down your outer arm to the hand. The arm and hand pain do not often fit a specific dermatome.  The dermatome refers to a focused area of skin that is mainly supplied by a single spinal nerve.  In contrast, facet joint referral will be diffuse pain.

Causes of Facet Joint /Referral Pain in the neck

So irritation of the facet joints is the cause. The facet joints become inflamed and may cause pain, soreness and stiffness. The most common location of referral pain is down the outer arm to the hand. This location often implicates segmentally related facet joints of C5-C7 vertebrae. Similarly, your deep cervical (neck) muscles may also be spasmed and be a contributing factor.


Firstly, when arm complaints accompany neck pain, it is essential to make the determination of whether nerve root irritation or a referred phenomenon from the facet joints and muscles is the source. For instance, upon examination, you may demonstrate no objectifiable neurologic deficit or findings in the arm(s). Nevertheless, numbness/tingling or weakness maybe part of your complaint.


Secondly, neck and arm complaints also require a consideration of the  brachial plexus (network of nerves in the shoulder) or peripheral nerve (nerves residing outside your brain and spinal cord) involvement.  Therefore, a thorough evaluation is important to come up with an accurate diagnosis.

Your North Palm Beach Chiropractor will perform a thorough examination of the neck and upper extremity (arms and hands). Additionally, radiographic (x-ray) evaluation may be performed at our office to detect any foraminal encroachment (nerve root impingement seen on x-ray) to rule this out.


Dr. Natalie Meiri adjusts a patient

If you have Neck and Arm Pain Due to Facet Joint Referral and Chiropractic Care is your choice, we can help you!

Whether the complaint is local to the neck or referred to the arm, many studies (1) state that facet joint pain accounts for many of these patient’s conditions. With facet joint pain, many patients obtain relief from chiropractic treatment/ procedures.

Dr. Natalie Meiri will examine you and come up with a treatment plan to get you better! For neck pain due to facet Joint referral chiropractic adjustments of the neck is the treatment of choice.

Our other therapies, such as soft tissue techniques, therapeutic exercise, electric muscle stimulation, ice/ heat therapies and homeopathic consultations, will also provide relief. Through regular chiropractic visits, you can get pain relief and improve your health without drugs or surgery.

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