This post is about Mid Back Pain Due to Scheuermann’s Disease: a Chiropractic Care Center Can Help.  Symptoms include mid back pain, fatigue, and kyphosis. So Kyphosis is a spinal disorder in which an excessive curve of the spine results in an abnormal rounding of the upper back.  Scheuermann’s disease happens in male or female adolescents (teenagers 13 to 17 years old).   If you have pain due to Scheuermann’s disease, chiropractic care may be your best choice for relief! 


What is Scheuermann’s Disease?

Firstly, the cause of Scheuermann’s disease has been studied and discussed for years. However, scientists don’t know exactly why some kids get it, but Scheuermann’s disease does run in families. 


Secondly, Scheuermann’s disease is NOT an osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis (called avascular necrosis in adults) is a term used to describe disorders that affect the growing skeleton in children and adolescents.  These disorders can be from abnormal growth or overuse of the developing growth plate and surrounding ossification centers (site of earliest bone formation).  The disruption of blood flow to the joints is often the cause.


Thirdly, Scheuermann’s disease is believed to be the result of vertebral (spinal bones) growth plate trauma.  It occurs during the adolescent period with interruption or cessation (stopping) of further growth. Scheuermann’s is a structural problem/deformity and not caused by a functional problem (e.g. poor habitual posture).


Fourthly, Scheuermann’s affects the mid thoracic (middle of mid back) region 75% of the time. And the thoracolumbar (transition zone between thoracic and lumbar spine) region is affected 25% of the time. Furthermore, findings include a mild scoliosis. There is also a unique type found in female gymnasts and adolescents performing heavy weight lifting.  This is called atypical Scheuermann’s (type II) disease or “apprentice kyphosis.”


How is Scheuermann’s Disease diagnosed?


Scheuermann’s is diagnosed with an examination and x-rays. On x-ray there may be a wedging of vertebrae. In addition, schmorl’s nodes and limbus bones may be evident on imaging (e.g x-ray). Schmorl’s nodes are a common spinal disc extrusion in which the soft tissue of the intervertebral disc (fibrocartilage joint between 2 vertebral spinal bones) bulges out vertically into the adjacent vertebrae. Similarly, the limbus bone typically occurs anteriorly (front) due to a disc particle extruding.  It maybe be seen as a bone deformity on x-ray.  This is all produced as a consequence of an injury in an adolescent spine.


Mid Back Pain Due to Scheuermann’s Disease: a Chiropractic Care Center Can Help


Balance is often a problem with this disease so exercises for “proprioceptive awareness” (sense of self movement) may be helpful. Moreover, postural exercises are important: hamstring stretching, stretching anterior (front) muscles, strengthening interscapular (shoulder blade) muscles, and spinal extension exercises. In addition, an attention to compensations in the cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) spine due to the hyperkyphosis should be considered.

It is also likely that as an adult, chronic back pain is more common. So a major concern is to reduce the pain component, improve function (e.g. balance) and prevent progression early on in life.

Many patients with mid back pain from Scheuermann’s disease find relief through chiropractic care.  The goal is to free up movement at each spinal segmental level with regular adjustments.  Then the spine is kept more flexible and the kyphosis is less likely to progress.  So Adjustments decrease the pressure on your nervous system.  And this eliminates the pain and muscle spasm.

Dr, Meiri adjusts a patient

Through regular visits, you can get pain relief and improve your mid back health with chiropractic manipulative treatments without drugs or surgery.


Our other therapies, such as soft tissue techniques, therapeutic exercise, electric muscle stimulation, ice/ heat therapies and homeopathic consultations, may also provide relief for your pain. 

In West Palm Beach, Meiri Chiropractic has given hope to patients with mid back pain and many other ailments.  This has given them a better quality of life with a safer, natural and effective treatment for their symptoms.

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