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Computer and Video Game Injuries in Kids: Chiropractic Care is Effective


This is my clinical pearl story about Computer and Video Game Injuries in Kids: Chiropractic Care is Effective. Arnold was a 10 year old child who liked playing video games and spent many hours on his computer a day.  His chief complaint one day in the office was that his thumbs, neck and mid back hurt from playing video games continuously for 4 hours. This was double the amount of time he normally spent daily!  His mom brought him in the next day.  I will call him Arnold instead of his real name to be HIPPA compliant. 


Arnold’s Examination

Upon examination, Arnold tested positive for his neuromusculoskeletal injuries: Myalgia (muscle pain) in his mid back and strain in his neck and thumbs.


Computer and Video Game Injuries: Repetitive Trauma

It is common to have a postural problem for individuals who work at desks. Prolonged sitting at a desk combined with the repetitive activity of typing or using the mouse for your computer causes postural problems and/or repetitive motion injuries. Furthermore, we are texting (ie. Text neck) and looking on smart phones with a forward neck position. 

This sedentary lifestyle which eliminates a variety of movements cause pain and dysfunction. Moreover, Kids and teenagers can also develop a slumped posture due to heavy back packs, hunching over homework or video games.   


Prevent computer and video game injuries

By correcting ergonomic issues and limiting these types of repetitive injuries, long term damage can be avoided.    Indeed, excessive gaming in front of a screen can result in postural stresses from lack of movement.  Additionally, it can cause eyestrain, wrist, arm, elbow, hand, thumb strain and even carpal tunnel syndrome.


Some Tips (what to do) to Avoid Repetitive Injury at the computer and while video gaming


  • Taking frequent short breaks and doing stretching exercises while working or gaming. Also, switch up the activity.
  • Sit at an adjustable desk that is specially designed for computer use
  • Having the computer screen at eye level or slightly lower
  • Ensuring your keyboard is at a height that allows your elbows to rest comfortably at your sides.
  • Ensuring your forearms are nearly parallel to the floor and at the same level as the keyboard.
  • Using an ergonomic chair that is designed to prevent the spine from losing its natural curve while sitting
  • Adjusting your chair such that your feet are always resting flat on the floor, or using a footstool

Kids should be interested in a variety of hobbies, and activities.  And especially physical activities like sports.  Simply sitting all day can lead to obesity and even problematic emotional or aggressive behavior.  Kids should have a limit. Sensible time for playing could be a maximum of 1-2 hours a day for computer and video games with lots of breaks during these sessions.  Getting the right keyboard, mouse and furniture that is suitable for your child’s height is essential.

Arnold’s Treatment and Outcome at  Meiri Chiropractic:


Firstly. Chiropractic manipulation or mobilization of the cervical (neck) and thoracic (mid back) spinal joints and both thumbs/hands.

Secondly, soft tissue manipulation to the muscles involved.

Thirdly, exercises focusing on stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles.

Fourthly, recommendation on redesign of work environment and ergonomics.

Fifthly, postural advice/ recommendation of frequent breaks with stretching.

Finally, after the first visit, Arnold started feeling better!  And within a few visits, he was completely healed.


Dr. Natalie Meiri
Dr. Natalie Meiri
Computer and Video Game Injuries in Kids: Chiropractic Care is Effective

Most children and adolescents regularly experience physical injuries from ordinary play and sports. However, with the increasing popularity of computer and video games, some kids are now feeling the same kind of pains and aches that adults get from sitting behind their desks all day. Chiropractic care can help to offset the postural stresses and lack of movement linked to gaming and sitting at a computer all day. 

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