Seeing a chiropractor can be a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. A chiropractic adjustment can alleviate pain and improve function which drastically improves your quality of life. Perhaps there is something you are not doing in life due to your pain? If you feel better and your body is in balance you are more likely to choose better food and activities. Moreover, chronic pain can lead to addiction to pain medications which may have many side effects, one being weight gain. And as stated above, if you are out of pain you’re more likely to exercise. Also, your stress level will decrease with an adjustment.  So with the stress down, you are less likely to binge on sugary foods. Read on about chiropractic in West Palm Beach and Weight Loss.

What causes weight gain?

Firstly, the most common cause of weight gain is an increase in caloric intake or a decrease in energy expenditure.  Secondly, changes in weight are common within a few pounds and generally reflect fluid retention and loss. Thirdly, cyclic fluctuations can occur commonly in women in relation to menstruation.

Fourthly, about 10% of obese patients have an underlying neurologic, endocrine, or genetic cause. So hypothyroidism may account for small increases in weight due to a slowed metabolic rate. Fifthly, familial obesity and low resting metabolic rates are uncommon. So the good news is, you or your loved one can do something about gaining weight.


Being obese carries some increased risk in several areas of health 

Mortality rates are higher for obese patients compared with normal-weight individuals. The risk of death was higher from all causes including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other diseases if you are obese such as:

-3 to 10 times more likely to develop adult-onset diabetes (insulin resistance increases with weight gain).

-Higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, dyslipidemia (imbalance of lipids), and stroke.

-More likely to have sleep apnea or hypersomnolence syndrome (medical conditions in which you repeatedly feel excessively tired during the day called excessive daytime sleepiness) or sleep longer than usual at night. It is different from feeling tired due to lack of or interrupted sleep at night. Hypersomnolence carries with it the risk of arrhythmias, hypoxemia (oxygen levels in the blood are low), or pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure effecting lungs).

-More likely to have degenerative joint disease if you are obese, especially in the hips and knees. It is also a risk factor for low back pain.

-Increased risk for cholelithiasis (reduced bile flow), thromboembolism (blood clot), and varicose veins.


Weight loss

Indeed there are many centers that specialize in weight loss. These centers do not focus on diet alone, but address issues of mental attitude, motivation, and exercise. Quick fixes with diet drinks or fad diets are not effective. Statistically, most people who diet eventually gain back weight in about a year or two.

Combining a regimen of decreased caloric intake with a couple of hours of physical activity each week will result in weight loss. You and your partner or friend can accomplish regular exercise such as brisk walking. This reduces body weight and body fat in overweight and postmenopausal women. More importantly, you will be healthier.



In a study of over 73,000 women ages 50 to 79, those who walked or were engaged in vigorous exercise 2.5 hours a week reduced the risk for cardiovascular events by about 30%. Next, researchers in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study assessed 44,000 men over 12 years for exercise activity and levels of activity. The findings were men with the greatest activity had a 30% decreased risk over sedentary males for cardiovascular risk.


Weight Gain in Women

Weight gain in women has been associated with a decrease in physical activity and increased levels of pain. So pain may act as a deterrent to exercise.  Sadly, weight loss has been shown to decrease body pain.

Ultimately, the solution to permanent weight loss is total management of a sensible exercise routine coupled with a sensible diet.



Some Possible Weight loss Diets

The following diets are good because they are more of a “lifestyle change” instead of a “quick fix”.

South beach diet:

A MD-developed program that has three phases. The first phase is two weeks long and focuses on normal-sized helpings of lean meats (eg., chicken, turkey, fish, and shellfish) and vegetables. Carbohydrates are restricted based on their glycemic index, so that the first two weeks eliminates alcohol, fruit, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, sugar,and pastries. Wine, fruits,and whole grains are phased in during the later two phases. Although considered a low-carb, low-fat diet, it is more about “good carbs” versus no carbs based on their glycemic index. The south beach diet has several cook books out even for the holidays and special occasions!


Weight watchers

Weight loss is based on a point system for calorie restriction. Foods can be chosen within the point system restrictions. Prepackaged foods are available. Generally, a healthy diet approach. This diet is a very low caloric diet (800- 1200 calories) based approach. There is also an emphasis on weekly support meetings that encourage healthy lifestyle choices and make use of weekly weight loss and associated peer pressure/support.  Some patients have mentioned meeting a friend at these meetings!



A low-fat diet, the Pritikin diet focuses on unprocessed fruits and vegetables, lean animal foods,and non-fat dairy products. Calorie intake is based on “calorie density,”which is the amount of calories per pound, with a restriction to foods that contain 400 calories or less per pound. A generally healthy diet.


Meiri Chiropractic in West Palm Beach and Weight Loss

Overall, it’s best to think of visits to the chiropractor as one part of an overall healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll have to incorporate other parts of that healthy lifestyle.  For instance, a balanced diet and regular exercise is crucial. Get out of pain fast and start moving with chiropractic care.  Get healthier!  Don’t you think you deserve it? Call 561-253-8984 today to make an appointment or to find out more about Chiropractic in West Palm Beach and Weight Loss.