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Author: Natalie Meiri, d.c.    posted: 8/16/20

Chiropractic care for neck, back, arm, and leg pain may be a straightforward decision.   Do you have pain coming from your neck, shoulders, elbows, hands or fingers? Do you have pain coming from your back, hips, knees, ankles, feet and/or in your toes?  Perhaps it’s “diffuse pain”, which means you’re not even sure exactly where the pain is.

Some patients go to the chiropractor because they are in pain and don’t want drugs and surgery. They know while drugs may decrease the pain, it is not a permanent solution with many undesirable side effects. These same patients  want to continue their activities during their progress. Chiropractic treatment can relieve your pain naturally while keeping you active and moving during your healing.

There are many possible causes for your neck, back, arm and/or leg pain. It maybe due to a tendon/ligament or muscle injury, arthritic joints, or a “pinched nerve”.  You could have a double crush syndrome (DCS) which is compression of a peripheral nerve at more than one site. You may have double crush syndrome (DCS) with compression of nerve fibers at 2 distinct sites: 1 in the neck (cervical spine), and 1 in the elbow (cubital tunnel), wrist (carpal tunnel), or elsewhere.  The same compression of nerve fibers can happen in the lower back, legs and feet.  No matter your diagnoses, you are certainly seeking a solution for your neck, back, arm and/or leg pain and/or inability to move and do your activities.

A common question I get asked is, ” how does a chiropractor treat arm or leg pain that’s not coming from the spine?”. My answer is, “the same way a chiropractor treats the neck or back”.  For example, chiropractors treat cervical radiculopathy, commonly called a “pinched nerve of the neck”  by adjusting the various joints of the spine. With carpal tunnel syndrome, chiropractors adjust and align the joints of the wrist and the associated regions. Aligning your body helps you heal without invasive surgical procedures. It restores the patient’s mobility, functionality and overall health.

You do not have to live with acute or chronic neck, back, arm and/or leg pain.  Dr. Natalie Meiri is a West Palm Beach chiropractor who can provide the best chiropractic care for neck, back, arm and leg pain. This is achieved with a comprehensive treatment plan consisting of hands-on adjustments for your joints, various soft tissue manipulation procedures for the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia surrounding your joints, and specific exercises to continue your care at home. While initially you might have to treat several times a week, eventually the frequency of your visits will decrease. Finally, you may need supportive or maintenance chiropractic care for your neck, back, arm and/or leg pain.

To visit an experienced West Palm Beach chiropractor for chiropractic care for neck, back, arm and leg pain relief, consult with Dr. Natalie Meiri of Meiri Chiropractic.  Call us today at 561-253-8984 for high quality west palm beach chiropractic care.


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