From Dr. Natalie Meiri’s Clinical Pearl Stories: Chiropractic Care for Mid-Back and Right Hand Pain Over the Holidays


This was a 45 year old patient who was getting ready for the Christmas holidays. To be HIPAA compliant, I will call her Kathlyn instead of her real name.  Kathlyn was at a holiday party when a “7 foot tall enormous man” gave her a “bear hug”.  She stated “although I was happy to see my friend, the hug injured my spine”.   To make matters worse, she was getting her Christmas gifts ready when she somehow injured her right hand. She presented to my office the next day with mid back and right hand pain.

Kathlyn hadn’t gone to urgent care or her primary care, just took some NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) without much relief.   On the intake form she reported pain in her midback and right hand.


Kathlyn’s Examination and Treatment

Upon examination, there were positive tests for her thoracic spine (midback) as well as the right hand/fingers.  After that, I explained her diagnosis (strain of thoracic spine and sprain of right hand), prognosis and treatment plan.

Firstly, Kathlyn’s chiropractic treatment for thoracic strain and right hand sprain consisted of chiropractic manipulation/ adjustments of the thoracic spine, right hand, and associated regions.  Associated regions that were adjusted were her cervical spine (neck), lumbar spine (low back) and right wrist which were misaligned (subluxations or intersegmental dysfunctions). Secondly, soft tissue therapy (myofascial release, pressure point and various post isometric relaxation procedures) and modalities (cold/heat therapy and electric muscle stimulation) were administered as needed. Thirdly, she was given therapeutic exercises to continue her treatment at home. Fifthly, Kathlyn was given a brace to wear during strenuous activities for her right hand.



What is a strain?

A strain is an overstretching and tearing of musculotendinous tissue. Tendons are connective tissue that attach a muscle to other body parts, usually bones.


What is a sprain?

A sprain involves a ligament.  It is a short band of tough, flexible fibrous connective tissue.  Furthermore, it connects two bones together in proper articulation at the joints.

A Joint injury in which some of the fibers of a supporting ligament are torn or ruptured is a sprain.  However, the continuity of the ligament remains intact in a sprain.  Grade 1 (mild) sprains cause slight stretching and tiny tears in the ligament. Kathlyn had a grade 1 sprain of her right hand. Grade 2 (moderate) sprains refer to partially torn ligaments with pain and swelling.


Kathlyn’s Outcome

The outcome for Kathlyn was excellent! She felt a little better immediately from the first visit.  Moreover, after only a few visits she enjoyed the rest of the holiday season pain-free.


Chiropractic Care for Mid-Back and Right Hand Pain Over the Holidays

Many people “throw their back out” every year around the holidays. This could be due to stress or “holiday bear hugs” as in the case of Kathlyn. Chiropractic is powerful and great at com-batting the negative effects of stress on the body. Adjustments restore joint mobility and function, resolves joint inflammation and reduces the patient’s pain.

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