Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

Author: Natalie Meiri, D.C.   Posted: 8/30/20

It’s easy to forget about what’s most important when you’ve been in a car accident.  Between getting your car fixed, dealing with the insurance claims or possibly hiring an attorney you may be very busy. What’s most important is your health! You may think it’s just a minor “fender bender”, and be popping pain medication.  Even in low collision accidents, with little damage to the vehicle, people are injured. In fact, low-speed rear impact crashes account for most rear-impact collision injuries.  The range of speed in these cases is around 6-12 miles per hour.  A chiropractor can help you identify any injuries not apparent to you.  Furthermore, chiropractic care after a car accident can get you out of pain naturally.  After all, pain medications can be harmful and additive.


Whiplash or acceleration /deceleration injury in particular is hard to identify without professional help. Whiplash occurs when your head suddenly whips backward and then forward during the collision.   Firstly, whiplash can cause neck pain with or without numbness and tingling in your arms. Secondly, you may also experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, jaw pain, chest pain, and even anxiety.  Thirdly, besides from your neck, you may have injured your mid back, low back or extremities (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot) in the accident.

Dr. Natalie Meiri
Dr. Natalie Meiri

Some people aren’t aware of their injuries until months or years later. By this time, your body has laid scar tissue down as a result of damaged soft tissue, joint capsules and interverte­bral discs.  Unfortunately, chronic painful conditions can develop if injuries aren’t addressed immediately. And chronic conditions can persist for years and be more difficult to treat. Results from one study (Cote P, Cassidy JD, Carroll L (2000) Accident Analysis and Prevention) associated a history of neck injury in an M.V.A. (motor vehicle accident) with headaches, disabling neck pain, and a perception of lower general health.

You may need your accident documented properly for your insurance company or attorney.  A licensed chiropractor can help you provide evidence of injury and the resources you need to submit insurance or legal claims.

Even if it was a minor collision, don’t underestimate the long term effects it can have on your health. Many studies have found delaying treatment lowers the patient’s improvement level.

Dr. Natalie Meiri has treated numerous patients with various injuries for 17 years. She will examine, diagnose and come up with a treatment plan to get you out of pain and better. Schedule an appointment by calling 561-253-8984.


1.  Cote P, Cassidy JD, Carroll L Is a I lifetime history of neck injury in a traffic collision associated with prevalent neck pain, headache, and depressive symptomatology) Accident Analysis and Prevention 2000; 32: 151-159.


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