Back to Health with Correct Ergonomics and Chiropractic Care: Part 1 is about how to make changes in your daily life for better posture and health. So posture is the way that you hold your body at any given moment, whether sitting, standing, or being active. And ergonomics is a science dedicated to studying human posture that is the most healthy for our bodies.

Many patients seek chiropractic care for pain relief, but your chiropractor should also help you decide which aggravating activities are unnecessary and must be eliminated.  This is important for prevention of rein-jury and for further future trauma. Get started with some facts in our latest post.


1. Vary your task each day so as not to cause overuse or do repetitive injury.

   For instance, don’t paint your house for hours or iron for hours at a stretch. Especially, don’t combine too many jobs that involve      standing and stooping as they place a heavy load on the low back muscles. To achieve variety of movement, you will have to scramble your work.


2. Slow your working pace to a speed no faster than your body will tolerate.

Don’t fatigue your body. Learn to pay attention to the warning signs of pain and discomfort. Some people characteristically make rapid, jerky, movements. These poorly coordinated movements are likely to initiate unnecessary stress. Similarly, these movements may simply make you trip and fall. Slower, smoother, better coordinated movements can be learned (using appropriate exercises and equipment). Moreover, these should become habitual.


3. Cultivate a rhythm of movement.

So for example, when gardening or washing your car, do it as if you were dancing. Try listening to music. This discourages prolonged fixed positions. Furthermore, pauses encourage new blood and “fresh fuel” to go to different working areas of your body.


4. Frequently take short rests.

After every hour or less of a task or activity, rest. Try to lie down for a couple of minutes, if only on the floor or reclining chair. Your neck and back will relax fully in this supported horizontal position.


5. Don’t sit too long in one position.

When watching TV, at a movie, or in the theater, move around in your seat. At intervals, turn your head from side-to-side and rotate your shoulder blades. When you drive far, pull off the road every hour and walk around your car two or three times. That doesn’t take long! Periodic movement is needed in order for ligaments, cartilage, intervertebral discs, and muscles to be nourished. Neuromusculoskeletal structures respond poorly to being in one position for a prolonged period.


  1. Your chiropractor is your partner in your healthcare. At Meiri Chiropractic in West Palm Beach, we’ll work with you to get the relief and health you need through chiropractic care. Together, we can be on the lookout for life and work situations where you experience pain in relation with poor posture. Pain is our body’s way of warning us of problems, so don’t ignore it. Shape up your life! Check your posture today.📞Contact Meiri Chiropractic today at 561-253-8984 to make an appointment or to learn more about Back to Health with Correct Ergonomics and Chiropractic Care: Part 1.