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A Chiropractor Can Help Patients with Osteoporosis Naturally 

Author: Natalie Meiri, D.C.     Posted: 03/11/21

This was a 69 year old patient who presented to my office with mid and low back pain. To be HIPAA compliant, I will call her Betty instead of her real name.  Her chief complaint was her low back which she injured recently while lifting a heavy box. Betty also had a history of osteoporosis which affected her mid back with a kyphosis (forward curve of upper back).  The osteoporosis had started years ago and seemed to be getting worse.  Betty’s doctor had prescribed a drug and hormone therapy for her osteoporosis in the past. Betty’s mother had osteoporosis and also had a kyphosis. Betty wondered if I could help her with the chronic pain she experienced in her mid back?  Additionally, she felt she would have more energy if she could “stand straighter” with better posture.  Betty wondered if a chiropractor can help patients with osteoporosis naturally?


Betty’s Exam, X-rays, and Diagnosis

Betty’s exam findings showed she had sprained her lumbar spine (low back) while lifting the heavy box.  Her x-rays taken in my office showed healed compression fractures in her thoracic spine (mid back). Furthermore, Betty’s x-rays showed osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis) throughout her spine. 


 Betty’s Treatment

“Softer” approaches involving “no rotation” chiropractic manipulative treatments such as flexion-distraction, blocking, and specific low-force prone (patient face down) drop-table adjusting were utilized.  Other therapies, such as soft tissue techniques, therapeutic exercise, electric muscle stimulation, ice/ heat therapies and homeopathic consultations, also provided some relief for Betty’s pain. Starting at 2 times a week, then 1 time a week, Betty’s treatment frequency decreased to every 3 weeks.

Foremost, the goal was to address Betty’s neuromusculoskeletal complaints of pain and dysfunction as noted above. Next, a lifestyle habit of maintaining an adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D with a nutritionally supportive regimen was important.  Moreover, recommendations were made for avoidance of known contributors to osteoporosis acceleration including smoking, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, etc.

The exercise prescription for Betty or any osteoporotic patient should meet two goals. First, to stimulate bone production and prevent loss. Second, to strengthen muscles to provide support and to provide proprioceptive (body’s ability to sense its location, movements, and actions) training to prevent falls. In order to have a bone mass response, the exercise must provide mechanical loading either through pull of muscle on bone or with weight bearing. Therefore, strengthening and resistance exercise was added a few times a week along with walking.

Betty gradually recovered from her acute low back and chronic mid back pain complicated by the healed compression fracture.  Her posture and energy level improved as well. She continues with chiropractic care on an as needed basis.


A Chiropractor Can Help Patients with Osteoporosis Naturally 


The decreased bone mass or increased porosity that occurs with osteoporosis weakens the structural support of the spinal column. In severe cases of osteoporosis as Betty’s, everyday normal activities may cause a spinal compression fracture. This type of vertebral fracture causes loss of height and a “humped” spine even after it is healed, especially in elderly women. This disorder (called kyphosis) is an exaggeration of your spine that causes the shoulders to slump forward and the top of your back to look  humped.  Pain may subside as the compression fracture is healing. However, many continue to feel some pain even after the compression fracture has healed. Over time, individuals may begin to show a loss of height, stooped over posture, and back pain.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation reports about 54 million Americans have osteoporosis and low bone mass, placing them at increased risk for osteoporosis. Studies suggest that approximately one in two women and up to one in four men age 50 and older will break a bone due to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the most common metabolic disorder of bone, affecting approximately 100 million people worldwide. The disease affects men by age 75 years, even though osteoporosis is often focused on as a women’s health issue.

High-force chiropractic manual techniques may be contraindicated for osteoporosis, but other chiropractic techniques are safe for patients such as Betty. Practice-based studies on chiropractic summarize that geriatric patients receiving chiropractic care in addition to traditional medical services had fewer hospitalizations and used fewer medications than patients receiving allopathic/conventional medical care only.


Are you suffering from back pain and osteoporosis and looking for natural healing solutions?

Osteoporosis can cause unnecessary pain to your spine. A chiropractor will help you maintain your posture, give you adequate exercises, and important education for better health. A chiropractor can help patients with osteoporosis naturally!

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