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I have been delighted to be a patient of Dr. Natalie Meiri since 2008.  I came to see her due to muscular pain in my back, which I had suffered with for 10 years.  From the very first visit, I found relief from the pain and wondered if it would be lasting relief.  After seeing Dr. Natalie several times a week for several months, I found lasting relief.  I continue with monthly visits to keep my back pain free.  I have also relied on the expertise of Dr. Meiri for relieving Planter fasciitis along with knee problems that have come over the years that I have been her patient.  I am truly grateful for her knowledge, expertise and care she has given me over the years. 




I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel in my right hand and moderate carpal tunnel in my left hand in July 2014.  I did not want to have surgery.  I started seeing Dr. Meiri for treatment in July 2014.  Over a year later, my hands feel much better.   Her treatment of adjustments, soft tissue techniques, exercises and homeopathic prescriptions have definitely helped!